Painter, Illustator

Ota Janeček

Ota  Janeček


Ota Janeček was born on August 15, 1919 in Pardubičky.

From 1937 to 1939 he studied drawing at the Czech Technical University in Prague. From 1941 to 1942 he studied at the Prague School of Applied Arts

His early work consisted mainly of figural motifs of women and girls, influenced by Amadeo Modigliani and the Paris School. His further work is strongly concerned with the subject of nature, which results in cycles such as grasses, flowers, birds and butterflies. In his late work he comes to a synthesis of all cycles and topics. His pictures are characterized by his personal colouring and poetry.

He also worked as a textile designer and was often involved in film.

Ota Janeček died in Prague on July 1, 1996.




1942 Praha, Galerie Elan

1945 Praha, Posova Galerie

1949 Praha, SVU Praha

1953 Praha, Galerie Hollar

1962 London, Seven Arts Galllery

1967 Berlin, Galerie Bel’ètage

1976 London, The National Book League

1977 Münster, Sonnenring Galerie

1979 Zürich, Galerie 14

1981 Soest, Städtischer Kunstpavillon, Tokio, Nichido Gallery

1995 Praha, Manes Galerie

1996 Ostrava, Galerie Marc Chagall