Karel Chaba

Karel  Chaba


Karel Chaba was born 3rd August 1925 in Sedlec. Artistically was educated privately. He never belonged to an artistic movement; its unprofessional training was the cause for the originality of his paintings. Chaba created his paintings of Prague, not as a copy of reality, but his dreams of Prague. Most of the paintings he created in the silence of his studio. Since 1962 he worked as a freelance artist. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. He died 25th August 2009.



1960 - Praha, Theatre D

1962 - Praha, Fronta Gallery

1964 - Praha, Viola Theatre

1965 - Rotterdam, Boymas Museum

1966 - Munich, Tangente Gallery

1968 - Berlin, Galerie Hammer

1971 - Warsaw, Czechoslovak Cultural Center

1975 - Ascona, Galeria Ticinese

1982 - Písek, District Museum

1985 - Náchod, City Gallery

1988 – Praha, Galerie Fronta

1995 – Praha, Galerie Vltavín

1996 – Praha, Galerie Petr Brandl